Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Why are you all hatin' on Psy?

Hey Yo!
Psy, don't listen to the morons that bash you.
Your comics are genius. I personally loved these episodes. The voices were pretty funny. FreakmanJ can just take his opinions and shove it back to where he pulled it out. That being his ass.
Keep making stuff here, Psy.

Not much can make me laugh, but this managed to!

This is phenomenal. The voices are ok, but there is some room for improvment. The art is fantastic, the music for TMS2: 21 is unique and catchy, and the fact that it's not animated, I'm ok with that. The funniness makes up for it. Out-takes are just great.
This is great Psy! Keep doin what you're doin!
And for those who think this is crap, I smite you.
Because this is not crap. No it's not.

Awesome,as all of yer other works

Psyguy,you are the man...you're a regular comedian!! This stuff is great. Although I saw the videos on your site before it was on here,I watched them over and over again. And the out-takes for #22 is The. Greatest. However,I'd like to point out some...points,not to be mean or anything:

1. Many people have said it was bad,but I think the voice acting is just fine. It can be better however.
2. The art is very good in my opinion.
3. The dialogue of course has GREAT hilarity,and of course #23 was there just for poking fun at.
4. You da man!

But anyway,Psy,I know you have troubles with that Goji guy,but he's still just another jealous,unworthy fan.

I have something to say to him though:
It's his fucking job. Get a real life.


That was fuckin Hilarious!!! i Liked #23 the goodest. The best, i liked it the best because it didn't make any motherfucking sence!!! Hee hee!!!!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! The first one was good, too, and the second one was EVEN better (but not as good as the third one)


lmao. that was funny. since I originally read these three comics on your site, seperately, I will be reviewing them sepereately. dun dun dun!

#21: I love their new names. This one wasn't quite as funny, except for the Abscense of Light part. The Out-takes rocked though.

#22: this was the funniest of the three. The best part was the FBI guy's voice. Bunderbar... lol. I could say that all day. Which is what I've been doing. bunderbar bunderbar bunderbar

#23: wtf? this one sucked. it wasn't funny at all, and it was really short and pointless. Double looks like a freaking anteater at the end there. But the one part that was funny was what the Dr. Pepper had written on it when Double was drinking it. (I won't say it because I don't want to spoil it for any viewers who are reading this.) The Out-takes were kind of funny, though.

All in all, TMS2 is turning out to be way better than 1. Keep up the good work, and keep rolling out the original ideas!

And in closing, Gojirott's review of this was full of crap and everything you said in response to it made perfect sense. Just thought I'd mention that.