Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Good stuff !

Well, unlike their names, the flash-comic was totally original ! :) You have to try to hear some of the stuff they say a little harder, but that's just I minor thing, or should I say, it's shadowed by the flash's greatness of all the other things... :)

Keep it up !


Great job Psy... I'm a big fan of your website. Thanx for adding this stuff to newgrounds.

what the...

tails or should i say "doubles" look odd when he took of the cup.
i gave it a 4 for violence cuz "snoocums" got shot in the head
and you should make more TMS2 : 3

Outtakes on 23 are the best.

I can't stop laughing on #23! And The outtakes are good, too!

the violnc is 2 begause fists punches u

and y dos "doubble" have marios hat