Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Psy Guy you have done your work again

Other people hated it but I liked it. You are fucking brilliant. I was thinking about joining your site because I visited everyday since 2001.

I sent this to some of my friends yesterday, and they loved it.

I rated violence 10 because,
soda+Double=Screw Monkey.
Also I rated it 10 for violence because...
Look what you did to Tails' brain! what brain.

21 was the best and it was perfection to the max.
22 was realy funny.
23 it was stupid... funny, Stupid Funny.

Do a comic every two weeks because if you do one every other day you run out of ideas and people leave your website and it is good to do them long apart is that they would visit more and enjoy it more than if you throw one at them every 5 minutes.

I give it a 10 out of 10.
Mission Accomplished but it isn't over!
Good Luck on TMS2!


I for one, found this entertaining. I liked #2 the best myself. #3 needed a better punch line or something. I do get it was a visual punch line, but i just didn't feel it was enough. This is a very tricky kind of joke though, and you pulled it off well enough I think. I do prefer this over your drawn comics which I found a bit lacking. No offence of course, just my opionion. Sketchy backgrounds arent my thing. This however is something I truely enjoy and I value the fact that you put so much effort into making each comic. Sure you don't animate it, but as you said, things such as timing must be taken into consideration. If you did take 2 months to create an animated comic, people would complain about how you never update your site with any of your own content, as they did during the RFC days. I find this to be a satisfying compromise.

Keep up the good work! And don't let Goji or his braindead zombies get you down. They just don't know how to drop a tiny argument and get on with their lives.

PS, I liked the vectored background in #3. It seems like a nice quick and easy way to make the comic look better! Assuming you did what I think you did and just converted a real pic.


I viewed this movie, intent on judging it only by it's quality, not by how much I do or do not like Psy...and I can honestly say that these are really bad. I'm sorry but I found them stupid and overall very badly made. None of it even made sense (Yes, sadly I have seen the rest of the series) and it's almost painful to try and understand. the art was bad, the voice acting was on par with the old godzilla movies, and the humor was just...well, not there. :/

Psyguy responds:

That's cool. I respect your opinion. Doesn't always work for everybody. Thanks for looking.

Now That's Freakin' Funny!

Great,You've Done It Again Psy,The First And Second Are Great,Though The Third One Could Be A Bit Longer,That's My Only Problem. Funny,Every Last Bit Is Funny-To No Extent.

Great movie

I got to say i'v seen some better movies, but its still very funny. anyone who likes comedy stuff look at this. Psy always gives us funny shit and he still does!