Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Not The Greatest, But Special Features Are A Plus

I gave you an "8" because of the outtakes otherwise you would have gotten a "5" or "6" because it wasn't outrageously funny like I thought it was going to be and the third one sucked. So anyways, keep special features on your cartoons.

Nice it is badong

This is what got into TMS2. BUt still you need to put episode #24 and #25 cuz they were good too.


Psy,I just wanna say,I am a BIG fan of your work,good job!

very peculiar, but still ok

i thought it was funny at number one and two, shadow > sonic. Also, the idea of knuckles being called snoogums? Just wouldn't work, kinda like calling an evil alligator of doom that ate satan with only indigestion being a consequence 'Fluffy'. Thats why it was funny. Third was a bit shite though.

the best

This is my favorite one