Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Anything but spectacular.

Mixed bag of reviews, im expecting something that would rocket my ass away, but I clearly thought wrong.

You wanted it to be much like an 'animated comic' rather than a full animation, but it appears that you were lazy in making it. The lack of mouth movement looks really awkward, which is a downside. If you were not gonna animate anything, the least you could have done is put much more detail into things. The mouth movement should have been there, rather than text bubbles, because at some points the text bubbles just move away too fast. Things are bright and colorful, though. thats a plus.

Sound, nothing wrong with the background music, but please, get some voice actors. You run a popular site, it shouldnt be extremely hard to get some volunteers. Some points, the voices go too fast, and on some of the characters, the voices dont fit at all.

No interactivity or violence, but somebody being shot is always good.

I didnt find any of it funny. Just not something i'd laugh at.

overall, It looked sloppily put together, and It could have used a lot more work put into it. I know you're probably much more capable in flash, but you need to show it to make something really nice and good.

Psyguy responds:

Wow. That was a great review. I got your opinions and understand exactly where you came from, and you weren't insulting. Wow. I don't think I've ever head that kind of review before. So, thank you, for proving that "the other side" aren't total jerks. But, anyways, I disagree as far as the voice acting goes, so do a lot of other people I've talked to. Just personal preferences I guess. And, I still think that the mouth movements don't really add anything. I see where you're coming from and respect that. I'll still stick to my guns though. Thanks for watching.

This movie is awesome

Whoever hates this movie is gojirott's fucking puppet. He has like 10000 minnions like Cougo and ShadowRage. I bet those are just names he's hiding under, so it can seem like there is alot of people. Hey goji, can you do a flash movie better Psy, because Psy's comics are masterpieces, unlike yours which are shitty images. I can do better crap, too. LOOK:

http://home.1asphost.com/demithepurplemage/ghoulhuntercomix 1.gif

So go back to your fucking street where you came from and grow up, you dumbass. Oh and here is Goji's sprite sheet:


And on topic, the falsh was really good. I wish could do that, it would rock, but you do the best flashes ever! Thank you Psyguy for ANOTHER masterpiece. [sheds a tear]

Sorry Psy

Sorry, but I really thought the movie downright sucked. The humor was blah, the voice acting was horrible, and the animation I feel needs major work. I think it's just a laugh, Psy. You can do so much better, and got better potential... your just not showing it. You should take more time on it.

I'd suggest to not respond to comments, Psy. As a word of wisdom, if you keep those up, your asking for war. I'd suggest taking it down out of concern to prevent an internet war.

Psyguy responds:

*LOL* If people are going to be dicks I'm going to respond to it! What the hell? You can say nasty things about me but I can't?! What the fuck ever!


I found this to be a good animated comic set. There were things that could be improved, but overall, quite nice. Fairly good comedy, unique drawing style, and good CGing to the comic. And the outtakes have made me laugh.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Ah... Yet another piece of work from Psyguy... As usual, it's great. Rock on Psy.