Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Hmmm, so you DID send it here as ye said

So, you DID send them here as you said on yer side, eh? Hehehe...and, um except the other GREAT comics you, the others (and some some of those at your LINKS) are VERY 100% SuperS and A good quality homour! Anyway, except them, this TMS reminds me of my ones...for example T.M.T.! (close name,eh?) it stands for Thats my Tails (and I'm NOT doing it because of your T.M.S.! Hell NO! I did this BEFORE I saw TMS!!! And, its common to see the name "Thats my" right? Take "Thats my Bush" for an example!) Well, eh, keep the site going and say 'Ello (or something) to the others!

(Hehehe, I have drawn MUCH stuff since I was like, 3...Heh!!!)

-Sayonara Bryan...(From Sonny)


Psy, I've always Loved your movies/comics, BUT THIS IS DA BEST!!!

keep the good stuff up.

/THE 1Nz@Né

you will never stop amazing me...

Psy,listen,I love your work,i love your site...but for crying out loud,GET SOME DAMN VOICE
peace out!

Psyguy responds:

Do those grow on trees?


If that were by any other person but Psy, it would've been blammed by now. :/ Sorry... but I just don't like it.

Psyguy responds:


Floaty-Text Fun for the Whole Family!

I really see no reason to "flame" or "blam" this movie. The jokes are pretty good ("Any potential trainee with the name Snoogums will be shot on sight-ACK!!!"), and I think the names are uncreative to re-enforce the characters stupidity. The art is pretty good, but couldn't you have given them movement? Also, I don't think making a human Sonic is unoriginal (Considering I've never, ya' know, seen the idea on the Web before.).