Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

mmm the pepper of doctor drink

great movie Psy

I have to say though, people don't realise that how much work you put into your comics and site, and I think they have forgotten about all the things that you have done for them for FREE (thanks SJ), I have to admit it, I did kinda hate you for taking down random comics, but that was months ago, just to say that I support psyguy(so go to hell Goji!!!!) and who said that all flash movies have to be animated anyway??



The animation isn't so great but I liked the movie alot! I vists your site everyday! You rock!

Good Work

I thought overall, it was a good movie, meets the expectations of the viewer.

Good graphics, I thought they fit the comic nicely. And the character designs are great. Nothing much I can say here. Sometimes the words do go by a bit quickly, but luckily, you put voices in, so you could hear it if you missed reading it.

I didn't find much wrong with the voices. Especially in the part with Knuckles' new name, I thought the voicing was perfect for the scenes.

Pretty funny, I had a good chuckle. Double getting sucked into the Dr. Pepper cup was classic, and Shade sitting there all disturbed. And the little message on the cup when his face is sucked in.

Funny, I thought it was overall a good Flash movie. Most people think that there has to be super flashy effects that can put you into a coma, or something that needs to be worked on to the point where the author hasn't eaten or slept in weeks. Sometimes the more simpler things are just as good, if not better.

-Guardian CD

This won't do.

This is one of the most unfunniest ones, Psy. I'm sorry, but you could've done something better with the animations at least. #23 was the most pointless, and unfunny. You need to stop using the same ideas over and over again.

..and to the people who say it's good and say everyone else is wrong, fuck you. Get your own opinion.

YOU RULE PSY!!!!!!!!!

The flash version of TMS2 has got to be some of your best work yet Psy!

Okay first the drawings are great, all the new human versions of the characters look amazing and anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete dipshit!

Next the voice overs which I think are REALLY impressive considering you did almost all of them yourself (and even if you hadn't I'd still think they were great).

Of course the humour is the best part, I've watched these movies over and over and they still crack me up everytime.

I love all your work Psy you're a genius and in my opinion Gojirott (or whatever his name is) and all his Psy hating friends can go to hell!!

Once again great movie, I can't wait to see the next one in the series.

(Sorry if I went on too long but I had to set the record straight you know?)