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Reviews for "_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_"

Remember me?

Since you've already told a story of hunted those that deserve to be hunted, you've left me no choice to put in one of my stories first chapters in as a review.
Hayte walked silently through the streets of Falure. The air was quiet
in a way that made even an Assassin of Dordom shiver. The morning was
damp and humid, but just the right temperature for cooling down after
some hard work. Bums were on every street corner, begging for food,
but as Hayte came into view, they ducked into the shadows, out of
sight and as quiet as the mice they lived with. Hayte was one of few
female assassins working for the Assassins of Dordom and took much
pride in herself. However, the problem with being a female assassin is
that not many people hire you. In this day and age, most people don't
believe that women will have the stomach to do such work. But Hayte
did and always has. Mostly, though, her male colleagues got the better
of the jobs assigned to the Assassins of Dordom. Hayte's high-heeled,
steel-toed boots clicked on the wet pavement as she came within
shooting distance of her Target's house. Today's Target: 40-year-old
Gusic Makson. Never paid his debt to Dordom. Now he would pay with his
life. As Hayte got closer to the stone mansion on the end of the
street, she erased the man's name from her memory. In order to do her
job correctly and accurately, Hayte had to be sure she though of her
Target as only a target. He has no name to her, no family, and soon,
no life. Just a Target. Her fingers gripped the handle of her Katana
as she thought of the deed that lie ahead. Her boots clicked up the
stone stairs of the mansion. She rang the doorbell. From inside the
house, Hayte could hear children screaming and laughing. Great, she
thought, I didn't want to have to do that...
Footsteps echoed from right inside the door, and Hayte saw an eye
through the peephole. The eye widened, and the person--whoever they
were--was gone in a flash. Hayte chuckled a little as she thought of
how she had just scared away another Target. It seemed to happen quite
often. It probably didn't help that she was dressed in black leather
from head to toe...
She gave them a 20 second head start, counting slowly and dramatically
in her head. It was going to be just like a giant game of
hide-and-seek...only more dangerous...and deadly...
"Twenty" Hayte said aloud, and thrust-kicked the door right off its hinges.
The house was dead silent. No laughter. No screaming. Silence. But
what they didn't know was that Hayte could still hear...
Hayte flicked the switch on her Extrasensory Hearing Device that was
clipped to her belt and then she heard it. The light breathing coming
from up the stairs. She guessed there were around 5 Targets, including
"The" Target. The man she'd originally come for. She clicked up the
stairs in her boots, and then made her way slowly and deliberately
down the hallway. When she came to the last door, it was shut, and all
5 Targets were breathing behind it. A small wimper sounded from one of
the children. Hayte tried the door handle. Locked. Silly me, she
thought, Why should I even bother?
She thrust-kicked the door down, and it came down with a slam, dust
flying everywhere in the old house. The family say huddled in a neat
pile in the corner of the room, the three children wide-eyed, and the
mother crying in her husband's shirt. But "The" Target just stared
straight into Hayte's eyes, a look of pure hatred on his face.
After a long pause in which the four females cried, "The" Target said,
"Just do it"
Hayte smiled her twisted, cruel smile and unsheathed her Katana.

The end

I think it's a bit much to apply it to a flash getting blam'd/saved.

It is still a kick ass song.


This needs to be in a game, or something!!!


this is real good, when i saw classical as the genre i was supprised but i am happy i checked it out, really good and dramatic, like a march into war, props and keep it up.

Actually i think dis should go into like warcraft, starcraft and / or even command and conquer!


what have i done, the screams echo in my mind swirling around untill i am dizzy, how could i have known, the cry of innocent blood rises up against me like towering mountains i am faced against in every direction, i find no respite in my soul and ponder my own mortality as i am gripped by the power of this sword, it was to save my land but i had stained it with a crimson ribbon a wretched glowing stain that sears the grass that i once tread and called home, i am all powerful now like i always dreamed, i am immortal, i am invincible and yet i now have no defence against one thing, i am alone....