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Reviews for "_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_"


The first minute of the song was by far the best composed and orchestrated of the song. So that's my only complaint - the climax of the track was at the BEGINNING!

Otherwise, great work. And good luck with that new website thingy. BTW are you using EWQLSO? Sounds like it!

MaestroRage responds:

Quite right Nick... quite right. I should probably do a remix of the song eh? I agree the beginning is my favorite too, I spent the most time on it, so it shows I guess.

Yes this is in fact largely EWQLSOG. LARGELY I say! A few things here and there like the choirs and the oboe were not from EW, but this is pretty much all that.

Thanks for your honest review Nick, always glad to hear from you, i'm glad you liked it!


Man, your songs are awesome. Very awesome. And some of them need to have flash made to them.


"P-Bot grabs the flash file, and at 2:23 he begins to tear it apart, one limb at a time." I DIED.

long time no hear

A good break from that stuped globle warming bull crap he did

Painting a great picture.

Great use of all of the instruments. I can imagine a story unfolding.

So the lady is warming up the chorus for a soft song for the audience, as the violins tune themselves. Then the maestro comes in, angry and whips up the orchestra into a furious song. The lady doesnt like this, and she tries to overwhelm the maestro with her voice, but to no avail. The audience senses the tension, but still applauds after the song is finished.