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Reviews for "_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_"


lol kind of brital for u man i mean seriously even tho its just files lol i still like like it 10 and 5 from me

Very good

Batterd and beaten the flash runs.
Batterd and bleeding it hides.
Each night I cradle my self asleep.
Alone I am, nothing to disturb me.
Alone, I feel somthing creeping up towards me.
Found I have been
I cannot even scream
Caugh I have been
Fought I have
Ripped apart I now am
Crushed into dust I say
A quickly made grave
In the future, many shall be ontop of me
So alone I shall never be.

I havn't checked out your music for a while, I'll make it up to ya ;)

Excellent story

I can see all that happening as I listen to the song. You did an amazing jog, and I admire all the hard work you put into mking this piece.


I love most of your work, some of it makes me really upset about random things lol :) (that's not bad at all), I'm a really emotional type of guy and I always have the same mood of the music that I'm listening to.
Nice as always, keep up the good work ^^



"P-Bot grabs the flash file, and at 2:23 he begins to tear it apart, one limb at a time." I DIED.