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Reviews for "_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_"

Nice story, Selcuk.

I must ask, is there a guitar used in the background? Again, you have done EXCELLENTLY!

Next election for president, I'm voting for you.



the story that you posted fits in like a well-fitted glove. perfect x320985324985 and a half. you need to make alot more in SO LITTLE TIME! (or take your time, your choice =3) the story kept me entertained too! good stuff

Holy crap!!!

Nice Job!!! very well done song. I didn't want to take the whole time reading the description. Sorry for not reading, but just from listening, im downoading and giving it a 10/10, and a 5/5.

I am the 50th person to review and all of the previous reviews have been 10/10.
That shows how good your song is. Keep it up!!!


What I hear...

This sends chills down my spine... What I hear is the "Registration Room" of Auschwits. The constant typing of names that most certainly doomed those poor people whom that monster known as Adolf Hitler considered inferior... This song truley scares me, unlock the memories of when I was a school boy; of how we were told to never ever forget the atrocities we as a people had committed all of those years ago; that way we might never ever do such things ever again! I had Jewish ancestors, many of whom died in those horrific death camps... If my Grandfather had not sent my Grandmother out of Germany and into Switzerland, I might never have been born! The raw sense of horror and agony that eminates from this song reminds me all to well of what the power of a single man can do...

=3 i love it

taht's soooo goood !!!!! i love it
in this music i like the voices in the backgrounds ......"HOURAAAA"