Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

Awesome vid

I thought your first few were very dissapointing. They had no story and the battles were brief, pointless and unexciting. However, now the battles are generally more elaborate (I think you could still use some work there) and the dialogue is unbelievably better. Two major criticisms:

The Cloud sprite was ass.

So, Setzer was a 'good' guy, and killed Sabin in self defense when Sabin tried to murder him... and now their morals have shifted on each other? It doesn't make sense and isn't very smooth. I suggest you edit where Sabin originally falls to make him seem less evil, and Setzer less good.

Also, what is the first song? It is awesome, and sounds painfully familiar, but I can't place it.

How utterly pathetic...

this would be considerd a failure for me already and this is your what? 50th flash? next time when people are supposed to be standing in place maybe theyre legs should not move just a thought though and i realized why you got rid of your 49 pieces of crap. to raise your batting average..yup and if they would have stayed im guessing yours would be as high as mine. fucker..


But i hope these gets better because this wasn´t so good as i expected.Well music was nice and some fights were funny but Cid and Edward cannot loose.

eh....it was...ok....

Not that good dude. the plot-line is ok, but not that good either. your jokes (I only could see two jokes in the whole thing) weren't funny. Your fighting was HORRIBLE. i hope the second one is better. I think i'll see it later tommorow.....

Very good!

Heh, its a pretty good flash movie.....when you have FF characters in a flash, you almost can't go wrong. Keep up the good work!