Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

i like it

i like it ummmm especially when someone fights 2 someone

Final Fantasy would be proud, to some extent.

The introduction brings the people in, good job. I think the only thing you need to watch is dialogue, and be sure to introdue the characters. Not everyone who watches isn't going to know who each character is, so use Final Fantasy's format of writing which character is speaking in the dialogue boxes.

I lost myself when yellow-mohawked black man twirled his sword in the enveloping red aura after butting into the match. I thought it was the green-haired girl that wanted to kill the nameless fighter anyway. Oh well.


I like it

Great Series

Your series is awsome. And it wasnt slow at all like Piotyr said. Good Job

Slow movement and weak attacks.

Listen pal. I hope your later stuff is better because this is always a great subject. Look a final fighting fantasy. Anyway the sprite movement was way to slow and the attacks were boring and poorly done. Also trying to rip off 8-bit on ff1 seems to be a new fad or something but come on. Ah well I'll give you another point for having a good idea, but that point is taken because of the spelling and grammer.