Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"


I loved it, great use of the fighter from eight bit theater.The idea is great, but somewhat reminiscent of final fighting fantasy. All in all, superb. What a film!


I like the concept and the animation worked, but not sure I'm following the story. Is Leo high-jacking the tournament or what? Maybe it'll make more sense in the later episodes. I was hoping for just a straight tournament between the characters but this looks like it'll be something different.

great movie

i liked an the sound and sprites but y did fighter hav 2 die and wat happened 2 blak mage?


Boring and redundant...keep trying though

Not bad, not good, it's decent.

Your best flash so far, hands down (Animated).

However.. your fight scenes are INCREDIBLY boring. One hit kills, and Banon doing nothing were completely stupid.

It was also very disorganised, and some sounds were muffled.

Not horribly bad though. It's decent, for a moron/racist such as yourself.