Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

Not bad

I like your later ones way better but this 1 isnt bad good job dude i cant wait till u make X1.


NOT TO shabby at all just cant stand to keep hitting play and the battles are short but still great idea. give it a 3

not a biggie...

not too shabby
thumb up


I liked this sunmission a lot, but I think you sould work more on the battles - they are to short and boring. The "swordchocks" part was lame - even tough I have visited "nuklear power", but altough all this, I realy enjoied this title- maybe 'couse the story.
no special complaints on the graphics - FF, couldn't exept more!

kinda lame fight scenes

but all in all it was pretty good,an interesting story,gonna go see part 2 now ^_^