Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

It was great I really enjoyed it keep em comeing

You dud a really nice job on this product i really enjoyed it i am really looking forward to more FF related material

its good

i like the whole story concept. since its the first one of your series, i understand why its a little bland. nice job thought.

Good concept...

...let's see if the others are better

As an FF fan I enjoyed it...

I thought it was a good concept. The battle are not too bad, but I think you have to really love FF to be able to get into it. I hope I like the second one as well.

Not bad...but not great either

I ahet to say it like this, but frankly this somes off as a poor man's Final Fighting Fantasy. The concept seems kinda interesting, but the animation is rough, the music cuts off suddenly between scene changes (VERY bad that...couldn't you have made it fade out between scenes?) and the fights and dialogue are a bit a bit poor. The dialogue I could forgive, but the fights are just shocking.

Still, that said, it's not a BAD flash and I can tell you're skills are improving, having scene the latest of this series.