Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

Better than before

At least you use more frames per second and the writing is legible. I don't like the story idea. I am also tired of your lack of originality. Everything you do is some crap mix of FF and Counter-Strike. This was pure FF but still annoying because of the stolen Squaresoft graphics and music. Can you just please make something original?


I can't wait to see the next part! This was awesoem, and it's a great idea. But next time, put more detail into the battles.

Much better!

Now all youve got to do is make your fight scenes longer and it will be even better.

HAcoreRD responds:

I'll keep that in mind

Pretty good!

I look foward to your next installment of this series. Keep up the good work! Just try not to capitalize words that don't need to be.


there are just no words to tell you how much this flash PWNED! the best ever!

p.s. loved leos shock attack ;)

HAcoreRD responds:

My Thanks to YOU.