Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"


I love these real scripted adventure flashes.
You are the man! you take time on these flashes which is great work, bow to you. Well it will be nicer if you had excellent sprite backgrounds though not the bridge, the cloud one and also the sunny one could look like a flash background.

But since then THIS HAS TO GO BLUE!!!!!!! 5

was kool

i liked it nice work. when do you think the continuation will be ready ?

HAcoreRD responds:

Well at this time (2:25 pm EST Sunday) it is 51 seconds long. i cant use the CPu during the week, so I figure by Next saturday, since I wont Rush it and I will not do sloppy work. Be Paitent man :)


Nice job....it OWNZ ur older flash

btw don't try to make Leo like Triple H cuz he won't job/lose to anyone.

HAcoreRD responds:

Leo will eventually lose, some1 will either kill him or defeat him in Combat.

You FINALLY took our advice!!!

And put some effort into a flash, keep this up.

HAcoreRD responds:

yah, i got tired of bein dissed


remember me im the person who gave u a 1 on all the other crappy ass shit flash movies that u made like ff counter strike adn ff infomercials but i gotta give u credit this one might acually be good but try to make ur own sprites of new FF chars that are on the playstation like cloud vivi and stuff like that.

HAcoreRD responds:

took me long to squeeze that 9 outta you