Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

WOW,nice job man

This is a pretty good flash man,Keep up the good work and I hope you make the fights longer.


That was great. I can't wait to watch the next episodes.


o cany wait gor my warning level to go down so i can aim you!

good ports gone bad...

whoopdee doo, you can port graphics and sounds, but you can't put them into anything meaningful or well made at all. i have no problem with ported graphics and sounds, i just have a problem with them when they get put into a shitty flash. Keep up the crap work.

HAcoreRD responds:

aye aye. dick


This is going into my favorites! Thanks for a great time, man! Damn, that was good! I don't care howw long it takes you make the secaond one, as long as it's good as the first!