Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"


This is awesome I love that those who fight further theme from FFVII

Good Job

Where did you find that starting music man I love that music the doo doo doo thing or sumtin like that.

did your dad really die?

i really liked it. the best part was when the summoner wasted that one guy.

HAcoreRD responds:

yes he did on september 25th, 2004

i like this series

Very much...i am going to watch the others too...keep up the good work

Good Content, but not enough story.

The reference to nuklearpowers "Sword-Chucks" was very amusing, but how did the Esper league and the other league come to be? Was there a war? Need for a ruler, maybe? But still good


HAcoreRD responds:

It was a idea that we split the 60+ heroes among 2 authors. My friends (authors) pussied out, so i adopted their characters. i feel better with a bigger selection, but I must say, our draft was fun to do :)