Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

very good!

Finally another B&W Drama theatre! That shit was funny as hell. keep it up!


To start, that was a great idea for a preloader, having several still drawings to occupy my mindset during the downloading time. Also, I like your "B&W logo" and how you boycott things, it looks cool. Now, on to the movie. Nice idea for an inner monolouge of a character, I liked the shaky feel that you gave the other vehicles. Nice, dramatic (!) story. Nice different style of graphics, no one else has your type of charfacters. I like the bodies of the characters. Nice additions of your pictures into th emovie, at certain tyimes of the movie. Good work, each one gets better and better, great work. "It must of been the peanut butter."



It is all so true! Worth the wait. WELL worth the wait!

Well Peiced Together

I really loved the way you set this up. From the preloader to the introduction with the traffic reporter, all along to the end, every little step in the road of this animation connected very well. Not to mention the humor; I found it funny as hell.

The best!

Everything was great! A bit long, but that's O.K, because everything was great! The best B&W Drama so far. Good job!