Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

Damn Funny

And a good length too, not like these stupid 20 second long shows!


That was amazing. Your scripting is amazing. You broght it full scale. From really serious to complete and utter humour, back to being serious. That isn't easy to do. Not to mention, the art was perfect. By far the best B&W yet.

Keep up the work, you need to have a contact list for every time you make a new one. I don't want to miss any.

AlantheBOX responds:

you (or anyone else) can send me your e-mail address and i'll be happy to notify you of any new cartoons.


Hey, man! This is great! I've just now looked at these. These don't really belong on newgrounds, you'll get very little credit, seeing as it's Black and White, and not sticks dying, or Kobe raping someone, and it requires a thought process.
Really good stuff! The humor, art, progression, voice acting.. It's all really cool. I like. Your music is also cool

just want to say

i voted 5 on all of these, (only not on number 9, i even put 2 in my favorites!) keep making them! you are so good with flash, you should be on tv!

This one's the best!

I'd ten the others too though, if I'd review them!
This one has the best jokes! HILARIOUS!!! KEEP IT COMING!!!!