Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

very good!

Finally another B&W Drama theatre! That shit was funny as hell. keep it up!

Fantastic work, I must say

This was the greatest cartoon I've seen all week! your B&W theatre series conveys the eccentric foibles of human emotions and patterns.
It isn't often that cartoons in this witty genre ever make it big on newgrounds, it's really something.


Loved your series. This one's definitly the best. Your graphics and style aren't amazing, but what you are envisioning is very good. A relfection onto real life in a deep way, but keeping it funny and moving.
Hope you continue your work somehow.

Well Peiced Together

I really loved the way you set this up. From the preloader to the introduction with the traffic reporter, all along to the end, every little step in the road of this animation connected very well. Not to mention the humor; I found it funny as hell.


You're starting to remind me of David Firth here.