Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"


That was fucking awesome, and funny as all fucking get out FUCK! FUCKITY! FUCK! FUCK! FUCKING MICROWAVE Brother you can't get any fucking funnier than that. MAN FUCK YOU. YOU FUCKING GENIUS. The story was also great too, very well done. I loved the art work. Cheers!

...That was awesome.

You just might be the best writer on Newgrounds. Can I compare you to Tarantino?


AlantheBOX responds:

i'm not a big tarantino fan, so no! you may not! hahaha! ha!

ha! no! ha!


You really got something man.
That made me feel funny.


I don't know how to say this.

I love your stuff. I just don't know what to say. It is the greatest. Please, make more things. Please. For the sake of our generation; for the sake of the children; for the sake of those kids out there watching Link's Rage get on the front page and loving it. You can bring us together. You can mend our souls. Please. Save my soul. Please. Save my soul.

you are an awesome writer!

this is so far the best of your flash movies that i have seen!