Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater #12"

long time no see

it´s great to see you are whith us agen heheh asum work dude as always great

By far the best.

I'm reviewing this after watching all thirteen episodes. This is my favourite of them all... possibly the most dark and yet the most rewarding at the end. I liked (almost) everything in the series, but this one takes the cake. It has it all: a nicely styled graphical package, excellent sound, violence (something dies, right? That's violence right there for ya), interactivity (well... if you consider reading/pushing one button interactivity)and gobs of sad humour. I gave it a ten; the French judge gave it a six but we all know she's biased.


That had to be the best one of these I've seen yet.

Viva le Alan!

- Clever (but not over intellectual!) mix of wacky humor and strange malancholy
- Simple graphics that couldn't have fitted better
- Excellent voice acting
- Surprising conclusion
- Microwave brother!
All of this, to paraphrase David Firth, made me feel nice inside. Thank you very much. Troubles with communication have never been more entertaining!


that was awesome,you focused more on story than humour,great job