Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""

Pretty damn good

hey man i thought was done really well. I agre with below me. If you think this isn't blues u need to listen more carefully to the undertones and stuff. i like it dude good stuff

nice job!

sounds sexy, cutieface call me


It's not my kind of music but it's good...


It was okay. The song was really nice but the piana was mechanical. People who are real musicians make sure that it isn't. People can play an instument but they aren't musicians if they play without putting their heart into it. Great job, but no heart.

i can hear it, but not feel it

well. i love blues.. and it expresses a certain.. sadness.
your song just doesn't seem to give me that message.. I'm sorry.

yet still i'll give you a 7.. cause my old man plays music, and so i know its hard to create music from scratch.
this 7 is to show you my deepest respect for what you try.
keep it up man.. the world needs artists