Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""

oh yea, brother

Fancy barroom blues. I could envision the ladie in the slim red dress pouring her heart into the mic with this piece. I honestly prefer minored music. makes me sound emo of course, but I've always found it much more haunting and beautiful when something is played in minor. kudos, sir.

adompeace responds:

Minored music is very beautiful isn't it?


Well i play sax pretty good, i might be able to work out somthing with you, but ill need to buy a better mic, cause mine right now dosent pick up sound unless its within 2 inches...*laughs* Well anyways it was a good piece,and any one whi rates it down cause its not blues, READ THE COMENTARY MORONS!

adompeace responds:

thank you for telling off these morons. but no one rated down because of that so far so no need to be so hasty yet...

and yeah, that would be really cool if you can record some sax riffs for me. let me know when you get your new mic. i'll be waiting...

Chilling, sends tingles down my spine.

This song gave me shivers. I would definately consider putting a nice mid-range sax. Not really sax solos, try to keep the focus on the piano. But have some nice, looooooooooooooong sax screams in there, just to add some emotion.

Smooth and enjoyable

Really smooth flowing song. Would have liked the song to be a bit longer though. But really lovely tune. Reallly relaxing. Reminded me of movies such as Casablanca, Dial m for murder etc Cheers

yeah i feel it

blues, blues is an expression of sadness.
it can be anything you want.
this is great! I love the blues scale, there's a fraction of it in both my songs.