Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""

Ow yea,...

Good old blues,...
I listen to all type of music that I like, there is no type i like the most, but for a blues I always had a big credit B)
I enjoied it, good work !
5 and 10*
PS: streetbob had a point ;) "like Cowboy Bepop"


I like this song. Me, I find that it is blues. No? It is very nice, I like piano!


i dont like to listen to blues, but this is really good!



I don't really like Blues much... but opinions shouldn't affect reviews.

All in all, great song.

-5/5 10/10-

Chilling, sends tingles down my spine.

This song gave me shivers. I would definately consider putting a nice mid-range sax. Not really sax solos, try to keep the focus on the piano. But have some nice, looooooooooooooong sax screams in there, just to add some emotion.