Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""

Awesome track

I can see why some people would think this isnt blues, but its bluesy enough to not need an explination really.

And rather then feel depressed, this actually just chilled me out a bit and lifted me! I really like it!

adompeace responds:

The piece lifted you? OOOKKK...

This is awesome

Soulful.. Beautiful.. This is blues. Anyone that wouldn't think this is blues, doesn't know blues. You don't have to listen closely, its right there.

Piano really is the greatest instrument for blues. I mean, guitar is my instrument, and my favorite instrument, but nothing beats blues piano. Not even old delta blues.


I know this is really nerdy, but Cowboy Bebop instantly came to mind while listening to this.

Anyways, I don't know why anyone wouldn't believe this isn't Blues. It clearly has the sound of it. Why are there the pauses between the movements though? Just a little irksome, because when I'm starting to get into it, it feels like a break. Mmm, I can't really offer any constructive criticism past that, sorry.

And yes, I do give out 10's like they're nothing.


I've never ever heard a saxophone in a real blues song. I always relate saxophones to Jazz. Never to blues. I think this is most excelent. A bit "dull" here and there. But overall this is great. When I say dull I mean that nothing is happening. A bit too large pauses etc. Other then that , great sound , great feeling .
Keep it up.

adompeace responds:

There can be a sax in a blues. After all, blues is the root of all jazz. Also, the sax is a pretty universal instrument. It's in pop, rock, jazz (obviously), funk, latin, soul, and even punk on rare occasions. Most commonly in jazz though.

Beautiful song

Finally something a little different from other songs. Good job man. Keep it up.