Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""


what a resoundful peace, I beleive that if it had a little saxaphone that would be honorable. Blues piano and Blues Sax, What a marvelous sound and Idea. Do you know anyone that plays it? Just wondering.
But anyways I feel ten times better.

adompeace responds:

I know a trumpet player, but I don't know a sax player. I could put in a trumpet sometime

I dont understand..

I dont understand why u say that this is not very bluesy.. it is indeed.. its a good progression.. With some jazz in it.. keep the nice work :)


I loved the rhytem ,that is all.


I can hear the 'Blues' element in it.
This is definitely a song I would be listening to when I just want that last cup of death at a Bar.
Thanks, this has really opened my eyes. (No I'm not going to commit suicide lol)

great song

i luv'd the song it had the feel of blues but with a different sound to it
really unique and inspirational