Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""


dude seriously wtf r u talking about. if this is your own song not sampled. then maaad props. n this is blues if you can feel than beauty in the melody that tells you a story of depression. this is truly beautiful, dude come to think of it, i dont even care if u created this ur self of your life experience or not. this song really is painful to hear dude. this shit is sooo beautiful that it makes me wanna cry with the slow depressing melody of hardship of life that is wut it is saying to me n not a lot of songs these days do that ne more great job bro i love it. i wanna hear a lot longer version i dont want it to ever stop itss tooo cruicially beautiful 5/5 10/10

inspiring words from Hyperion. peace n love my brotha peace n love

adompeace responds:

I played it too! I'm glad you liked it a lot! Yeah, there are very few melodic songs nowadays that succeed in capturing emotion...

I'm glad you REALLY liked it! I don't know if I'll make a longer version. I'm thinking about it. The song itself was very carefully composed and I kinda stopped after one minute into the song :-/

reminds ..

me of a song i did on Splice called sad and sorrow lol really sad song which i think is for a 70's funeral !
keep em comin n gd work



I know this is really nerdy, but Cowboy Bebop instantly came to mind while listening to this.

Anyways, I don't know why anyone wouldn't believe this isn't Blues. It clearly has the sound of it. Why are there the pauses between the movements though? Just a little irksome, because when I'm starting to get into it, it feels like a break. Mmm, I can't really offer any constructive criticism past that, sorry.

And yes, I do give out 10's like they're nothing.

great song

i luv'd the song it had the feel of blues but with a different sound to it
really unique and inspirational


Iono what the dude down there is talking about not hearing the blues.
This IS the blues, and its beautiful. The flourish at 0:10 put a knowing smile on my face, heh. That was some song, man!

Long live minor blues! Try and get some really classic stuff in there:

ii7(b5) - V7(b9) - i(Ma7)

Its the classic minor 2-5-1, but use it when you are modulating between chords in minor blues, you will cry listening to it, lol. It's amazing. I ought to record some of my jazz stuff. :p