Reviews for "Blues Sketch #2, "Death""

This is awesome

Soulful.. Beautiful.. This is blues. Anyone that wouldn't think this is blues, doesn't know blues. You don't have to listen closely, its right there.

Piano really is the greatest instrument for blues. I mean, guitar is my instrument, and my favorite instrument, but nothing beats blues piano. Not even old delta blues.

My mom loved the blues when she was alive.

This reminds me of Cowboy Bebop a little.

Ow yea,...

Good old blues,...
I listen to all type of music that I like, there is no type i like the most, but for a blues I always had a big credit B)
I enjoied it, good work !
5 and 10*
PS: streetbob had a point ;) "like Cowboy Bepop"


I like this song. Me, I find that it is blues. No? It is very nice, I like piano!


i naturaly enjoy the blues. its like my weed. 15/10