Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"


damn dude, you get a 5 just for makin me think of that game... You did pretty decent with the sprites, but the parts where you actually had to animate really... sucked (slash's blood, the busting of the gate, etc)... you could've at least put forth the effort and nabbed the sprites for a double tech to take down th gate... ah well, i wanna see how this turns out so i'm votin high.

Not a bad movie.

The graphics are good, the animation is nice, the text effects are handled very well, but the music is a bit annoying. There are very few sound effects to speak of. Like many younger Flash creators, the movie suffers from the usual misuse of "your" and "there," but that's just a small quirk. Overall, this was a decent movie, but needs more substance.

This does Chrono Trigger a great injustice.

I don’t usually write reviews, and I’m sorry if you don’t find this one to be constructive, but I found this to be insulting to the great classic known as Chrono Trigger. You need to work on alpha fading the colors, and also make sure the layers are ordered correctly. There were multiple instances when the looping and repeating images skipped as well.

I also suggest that you work on your grammar and spelling before creating the second epic flash in your series, if you make it.

I know that most flash artists don’t like to create their movies in context of its original creator, i.e. have Final Fantasy characters speak as they would in the original final fantasy, but it seemed like you attempted to do so in the beginning, but got lazy in the latter scenes of the movie. For example, when Frog struck Flea and shouted, “you stupid biatch,” I found it to be grossly out of character. Also, the excessive “…………” weren’t necessary. Usually if someone ends a sentence implying a sudden stop in a charactrers speech, or a trailing off of his speech, three dots are all that is necessary to tell the viewer that you intend for him/her to do so.

I hope you found my review to be constructive and use it to your advantage. I didn’t mean to come off as rude or condescending, but it fell short of what I consider movie should look like. Good luck on your future endeavors.

that was awsome

i loved it but im mad cause it has to be contieud but it was the best chorno trigger movie iv ever saw o by the way the graphics are suspposed that to the idots who give low graphic points

even though it was your first

it was better than alot of chrono trigger movies on newgrounds