Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

Good for a first

You did a good job with the sprites. You also managed to make a good and intreguing plotline. Can't wait to watch the second one.

Who is Chono?

Pretty decent movie, story flows rather well. The biggest peeve of mine is the Chono, instead of Chrono or Crono.

:P if you played chrono trigger youd like it as i

i liked the music it was good memories and the johnny part lol its friggin ketchup

i love chono trigger but...

the story just seemed a bit contrived it all... what do i care what happens AFTER you beat the game... and btw, i always killed magus when i had the chance, he would be there to be all white, and goth around me... nope.

i love you all,

Crazy good.

I'm glad that some one made something from Chrono Trigger. Well the thing is keep going really good.