Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"


Chrono trigger is one of my favorite games and this movie is really cool and i want see sequels for this.So i hope you will make many parts from this movie and i want to see what happens to Crono and Frog.


please make more!!!

Good for a first time

That was extremely good for a first movie. I would keep going. I liked the way Chrono was making out with Glenn. That was incredibly funny! But Magus is like the farthest thing from a homie... other than that, I think you should make a sequel. (Ozzie, you gay biatch, CLASSIC!)


you kidding right about the first flash ever.... you mean it was your first movie added on newgrounds...

well it looked great... you did a hell of a good job on it... keep them coming!



Great!! I can't believe this is your first movie, I can't wait to see the sequel!!