Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

you got to make a second part

that was great keep up the good work

thats it

that was short and crapy for such a good game!

Not a bad first effort

The graphics score was lower because it was someone else's graphics. Ditto with sound. The violence wasn't too badly done. I've often wondered how bosses could get slashed to pieces yet come back for more! Humor was good because of, well, the frog kissing thing! All in all this was a lot better first effort than others I have seen.

Pretty funny stuff!

Esp liked how he woke up kissing the frog.

Good stuff but i must say that...

you could have the sprites a little better. But you are using orginality so ill give you poitns there, plus CT rules. The frog kissing thing was good way to start it off, im looking forward to seeing what you can muster up for the enxt part of the trilogy.