Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"


I'm looking forward to part 2, I just hope that it's a bit longer than this one.



Chrono Trigger Trilogy l

Great loading and intro screen.

Seconds later I saw Chrono and Marle sharing a moment under the light of the Leene Bell.
Followed by the kissing sound of the "Execution" process by that Gypsy woman in that N64 rom Mace the Dark Ages.

And Chrono's dream was crushed by reality.
As it turns out he was kissing Glenn.
(Maybe he will turn into a prince?) (No wait thats for princesses)

An it seems that his bro Magus there got some shit goin down.
And a journey has begun with this trio of trouble.
Onto an adventure that seems mysteriously like a misadventure Mario had back in the 80s.

So they go about flyin the Epoch Ver 2.
(Worse time machine name ever)
And then they arrive at the front door to Magus's crib. (Great layering effects here)
Then Magus splits on em cuz he don't do air rides.

An magus forgot to give em the key so they had to bust down his brand new door.

Then Crono made a hopeless request only to have it declined. (We saw that coming)
And then Frog bitch slapped gay Flea.
An then Slash got all pissy about it and so Crono had to knock off his head. (Literally)

Then whats next in Magus's House O Horrors?
Well Ozzie had a plan this time!

He forsaw in a dream that our heroes would take the cynic route.
Thus they got trapped in portals to the abyss.

And oh no its not over yet!
Magus drops in da hood an then he is jus so damn cool the movie fades out!

I look forward to part 2.
Great job.


Well i tihnk its well done, if its your first its dman good compared to some other biatches firsts ones. 2 things, nice flash, and Chrono Trigger is so much better then Chrono Cross!

Youve got to learn how to spell

It wasnt a bad movie, but his name is Crono, not Chrono or Chono. Also youve got about a million typos in your movie. Especially at the end: "To Be Continue...." Lets work on the spelling a bit eh.