Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

ol school goodness

its actually spelled Crono...5 letter limit. haha really reminded me of chrono trigger. i really liked it. nice music and everything. brought me back to the old times. great job. haha, i cant wait for the next part, i really like this.

could be better

dude it could be way better but overall its cool i like chrono trigger and i can see were ur getting ur ideas from so make a part 2 and 2 say one last thing"to be continue" hahahahaaha lmao

It could have been a lot funnier

It was all right, but it could have been better. The funniest part was when it said "to be continue."

More Chrono Trigger Please!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God someone finally decided to make some Flash Cartoons about one of my Top 3 Video Games of all time!! Everything is fantastic! I want to know what happens next!! Go ahead and make part 2!!

gotta make the scond

This game was the best that has ever come out for any system, and your movie was pretty sweet. One thing, his name is Janus not magus. Keep up the good work.