Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

Haha! Best Square-violence ever!

I just hope the sequel is out.

It was good, but...

..my only big gripe is that the characters don't compliment their in-game counterparts. "Bro" and "foo" don't exactly... fit. Yanno? I can understand if this was one of those poorly made CT spoofs that are riddled throughout NG, but this is actually decently animated for a first Flash. And since, well... you obviously wanna make a series outta this, right? Well, best bet would be to make the character's talk right. "But Crono doesn't talk in the game!" Well, then make him talk "normal." There's no slang in CT. [/rabid CT fan rant]

Other than that... well done. I like it. It'd be great to see more of this. Custom sprites would be nice. It's so much easier to get things that you wanna get done, done. Good job, and keep it up.

Has some problems, but solid effort.

As an old-school CT fan, there were a few things that really bugged me. First, almost every character is way out of character, ie: Crono and Frog talking Street?! Second, Crono was spelled wrong in two different ways many times. Not bad overall though.

Youve got to learn how to spell

It wasnt a bad movie, but his name is Crono, not Chrono or Chono. Also youve got about a million typos in your movie. Especially at the end: "To Be Continue...." Lets work on the spelling a bit eh.

Decent first part.

It wasn't all bad it was pretty funny but had it's flaws with the sound and some sprite movement but overall i like it so i will continue to watch this trilogy. :)