Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"


I love Chrono Trigger, this parody was well done. Especially since you claim its a first submission, great work!

Hehe this reminded me of the actual ozzie fortress in the game, slash and flea really are pushovers at that stage LOL, and great accuracy on calling flea a gay biatch (cos' she's a guy).

Definately made by someone who both knows their chrono and their humor. Can't wait 'till the sequel.

make the second part...NOW

That was great and I can't wait for the sequel.

ORO!! This is great!

It's good to know that people are doing "Chrono Trigger" parodies! I can't believe It's your first Flash movie! It's perfect! Every thing in it is perfect!

Chono? CHONO?!?!?!?

Good flash. Very good flash. but CHONO?


OH MAN!!! CHRONO TRIGGER!!! YEAH! To bad the game is something like $80 and I sold mine for $5 years ago. Oh that game is sweet... mmmm trigger