Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

This the best

This is one of the better CT movies on NG.

This cannot be a first movie!

Your craft, although unfocused, is great! Wonderfully talented individual you are. Highest recomindation!

Good movie

I love the game all my caracter are over level 85 :D


i really do love and cherisht he fact that there are more and mroe CT movies appearing on NG all the time!!! but yeah anyways, that was pretty funny, good work. finish it!!

my only issue with it tho... when Chrono talks it is a typo, and it sayd "Chono"

Nothing too new or intersting, nice go though

The thing I notice about all these sprite movies, is that, you could put much more into them, if you wanted. Like for example, don't you think that fight could have been a little longer, and the sreen was too small to.

You know, some people might actually enjoy a serious chrono trigger parody. but its your movies, do what you want.

A little above average