Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"


Hey, that was pretty cool, actually felt like I was playing a old ff game. I liked the mario thing too, that was pretty funny. I can't believe you had the whole time system and everything! It was really damn cool. Next game I see, I hope to seel more moves, and a better story.

Greatest Game Ever

And I speak truthfully because I'm a big fan on Final Fantasy and RPGs. Great work.



awesome idea, but... Think up some new ideas...

like multiple party members!


That was the best RPG rendition I have ever seen on Newgrounds.Perfect recreation of the FF6 atmosphere!

Instant classic

It's about time someone tried this, your game was awesome, as far as I know no one has attempted to make a FF style game yet on flash. I won't give anything away, but I loved the 'end boss'.