Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

great! a bit short though.

and the bosses were absolutely not hard!

This brings me back...

This brings me back...

... to when NINTENDO didn't suck, and final fantasy 3 was THE GAME TO HAVE!

I really don't care if the sprites were taken from RPG maker, ive played about 8 games like this, there all good, and the other 7 had graphics taken from the real ff

Dude, Amps, awesome

Dude, Amps, I may be biased cause of the fact that I have playtested it for you, but I think the game is awesome... If you ever need another playtester you got the aim name, and you know where I go to school just let me know.

Nice job

Good job, but you stole the graphics so you get a 6...Using the AOL door opening sound when you went through a door isn't adding to your score either ; )

Actually, the cloud Sprite was hot so ill give you an 8 :)

World Wide Ow

Excellent Job, I cant wait to see what you do next! Sadly it is short, but perhaps next time cut scenes! For when you beat the game, or whatever... That would be cool too. Anyways I will be toatally looking out for your next RPG. JOB WELL DONE!