Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

woh...nice flash rpg

I found that same set of FF sprites...thier good
anyways Im playing around with the rpg maker 2000...almost got a game done but since im such a fan of flash i want to convert it some how....
so anyways great game!

Great game

could use a little more length, but other than that its great. I like the bosses. Had me laughing the whole time while I was figthing them. Keep up the great work.

hey awsum game

I love your script it is really good. Perhaps u and i could work on a project together. i'm good at editing and making sprites. I'd really love for you to make a game with my sprites and graphics with your scripting. awsum game!


an u got a flash worthy of the front page

i loved it

i didnt have time to play it completely so this review aint gonna be big but i played for well 5 minutes (hehe sorry) but i loved it already when i ahve more time i will complete it but still its very very VERY good