Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"


This game is awesome GREAT JOB!!!! Wow this brings back the days when I used to play this game on the SNES. Good times good times. I believe when it was on the SNES it was FF3 and when it went to the Playstation it became FF6 right? I think w/e great game tho!


This may make me sound like I have no life but I got to level 98 with cloud and had 32 million exp.. Eh..

Great tribute to one of the best games ever...

A LOT of potential here. Improving the graphics a little, and as you said finding the Final Fantasy font, and help from TLF (8-bit theater) would be great. Please finish this!

Great game (Read my suggestions)

I loved playing this game (as Cloud). I think if you made it a little longer (ex. Narshe and more of the mountain), it could be a classic and maybe be on the top 20. Just a few suggestions -

1)Fewer random battles
2)Harder bosses/minibosses
3)Be able to level higher
4)A bit longer (like I said)
5)more stable damage (with cloud I did 89 or 256, and that was about it. If you want to keep it simple, have level 1 do 50, level 2 do 100, level 3 do 150, etc.)
6)Make the character lock in place when in a scene (you can still change directions while scenes occer)

and finally.... more humor. The game was hilarious. I want to see more of it. Thanks for keeping me entertained for a few minutes.


Oh. My. God.

This is no doubt the best flash game on NG. It is jes' perfect, and couldn't be improved on in any meaningful way. Jesus Christ, is this ever good. Saves me from running down to Wal-Mart and buying Final Fantasy X-2 when it comes out. Okay, first, I have a couple of questions.
#1: How the hell did you pull making this off so perfectly??
#2: When will the next RPG, the one with the whole she-bang, come out?
#3: Can you really beat AOL Broadband?
#4: I can't get above Level 3, my EXP stops at 3000. Is there something wrong?
That's all I can think up at the moment. I'll probably think up of something later and regret posting this.
Now, I've made up a tiny little strategy:
Alright, first, if you go inside the building and into the door closest to you, you'll find the Old Man, I think if you jes' screw that and waddle of to your left instead of going to the building and go over to the space in the cave, and press O on your keyboard, that you can break into the cave right of the bat.
To the right of the building, if you walk to the right where the furnace type thing and the old crank majiggy is, if you go where the wall is right beside to the right of the crank you'll fight a secret boss, Mario. And also, when you get around late Level 2 and Level 3, use the FIGHT command instead of the special technique [That might be true for jes' Cecil, seeing as he is the only guy I've played as so far, but it could be true for the others characters.] Well... that's all I can come up with right now. I'm sure you can figure out the other things. And oh yeah, if anyone can figure out how to beat AOL Broadband, please for the love of God tell me.
P.S. Thank you soooo much, you've lightened up my day with this game!