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Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

superb rpg

if you were to go forth and make a MUCh larger version it would very very easily be the best rpg on newgrounds. you could for example add more attack moves and stuff..and obviously a wider landscape to explore. thanks for thisa, i enjoyed it. and did i laugh at the AOL guy or WHAT?!?!


Don't see many proper Flash RPG's. Very Nice. The AIM icon made me laugh, however, I was kinda of stuck at the beginning because i did'nt realise you could go left but after about 4 tries I realised!

My only fault I can find is of the text, it looks too Straight and official and looks out of place, but you already mentioned that on the flash :)

I'm sure with some more tweaks, like items and potions you could be onto a real winner.


I congratulate you on a nice game. Having multiple characters was a plus, with varying difficulties. I beat it with both Cloud and Kain. This is definetly something that could and should be expanded upon. I expect to see good things from you in the future.


i liked the mario cameo, and any work from smrpg fans is good with me


This had to be one of the best games Ive ever played!Even though I beat it.But anyways I think it was too short.I was only able to go to Level 3 and the final guy was..well im not going to spoil it.This was great!