Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

Nice Work

I love FF, and this movie mad me laugh so I'm giving it 10

I liked the message flood attack and tripple warn.

the only thing I didn't like was the AOL high speed Boss, after all it's the same program

but other then that it was pretty good

Amazing!! This is what you have waited for!!

Finally... Its about time someone made one of these.. I've been waitin for this. The humour in this game is great too!! I loved the fights... but I think they need more... More... Interaction.

Thanks so much for making this!!

Great Job

This game engine with a few tweaks could make one hell of a flash game! By the way, if you need a sprite artist who doesn't completely suck (like poses and stuff) you can contact me at scali@scalicentral.com. Thanks, and great job!


Ok.. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen, and no, I'm not being a smart ass.
I LOVE FF games, so this was like a little slice of Flash Heaven for me.
Keep up the good work man, and like Kei said
That thing hurts.. lots. lol

this is good...

Kick ass game dude with the comeback of FF u sould make more of these.