Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

Now this is a good game

Great game, though the sound could use some work. The graphics obviously did'nt blend in, but the joke makes up for it. No plot video games that just let you kick ass are the best. Great game, dude! DAMN YOU WORLD WIDE OW!

hell yeah

bringing the old RPG back, and with style. very nice. the characters were awsome cuz you had a variety of moves.


That was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have to make more games like this.:)

final fanasty sweetness

Awsome, i loved it, nce sprites and simple battle
hope you make another one soon


Great Game! I love the *Special* enemies, which I won't give away. Oh, and if your want a really good game, go to www.o!utwar.com/fuckingoutwarspammers

just take the ! out...LOL ROFL HAHAHA (I do so hate them...)