Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

That was good

The aol stuff is a little played out. But, the game was fun. good job

nice game

but i cant beat the last boss
hes hard
and after level 3 i dont get up any points


this game is so kick ass i had to write a review.
first let me say i can tell you really worked hard on this and i respect that for it is what makes newgrounds as glorious as it is. secondly i have to say i am very much looking forward to your future flash endeavors. good luck to you man.


i didnt like the sounds a lot it was to bleeepy for me if you catch my drift. but overall it was a good game.

just one question , was lvl 3 the highest possible???

FF it's now, 0\/\/|\|Z0RZ 17 D035!

Okay, that was really entertaining. I thought the Attack of the AOL was pretty damned hilarious. From what you've said yourself you know what you want to adn need to improve so hop to it. You've got my vote! }:-D>