Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

pretty funny

Chaos:i thought it was hilarious, especialy the use of AOL,and i like how you used the One Wing Angel mix (Seth's theme) for the final battle. this one definatly had it's moments.

Lori:It was definatley worth the effort. you're my new god for right now.

Nice Game

It's really short, but overall it's an awesome game. At first I thought it was a serious Final Fantasy flashgame, then mario attacked me!! I laughed so hard. It was good. I really enjoyed this, good job. Another one would definately be worth yor time.

haha, that was great

Man that was awesome. Seemed like cloud was the best of them, for me anyway.

Only 3 levels though? Played a little while before I realized I couldn't level up higher....

The AIM and AOL broadband was great, especially the last line about AOL exceeding the monthly bandwidth limit. That is so true. Should have had some type of upgrades though. Still overall a sweet game.

Have you ever heard of the word AWSOME?

Great game, but when i beated mario nothing happens =/


this is a COOL GAME !!!
i voted 5 becuz i have FF6 (3) and it is COOL !!
but this game was very neat 2 !
the bosses where EASY, even when i tought that "I`M GONNA DIE" but i lived 1!!
next time, make it longer okeej ?
"PEACE" ! lol